We’ve seen an increase in performance when downloading images (due to their smaller size). Additionally, we are now able to easily use different size formats, which helps our memory utilization. So far, Imagizer has performed exceptionally well for us. We are looking forward to great things from you guys.

manhDoManh Do – Co-Founder CTO Lab206

We’ve started using this in the Shelfie app to do on the fly resizing and cropping of audiobook covers. It was trivial to setup on AWS. The filter options are a nice feature too that we’ll look at integrating into the feed soon.

peterHudsonPeter Hudson – Founder CEO Shelfie

Imagizer has solved photo loading issues on apps completely, we’re using it on two of our apps and will be using it on all apps involving photos from now on.

Imagizer Media Engine has dramatically improved end-user experience across our Web based products. Removing the need for pre-scale and store redundant copies of image files, allowed us to be more agile with new features. We are looking forward to same easy implementation of Imagizer in all our keepy mobile apps

offirGutelzonOffir Gutelzon – Co-Founder CEO Keepy

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